Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking

In today’s digital age, the search engine is the key marketing tool for any business or organization trying to improve their reach, make more sales, and grow their business. Companies like Caymana Consulting specialize in a especially directive form of search engine marketing known as SEO, or search engine optimization. Search engine optimization isn’t just a luxury in 2018, it’s a necessity for any business looking to rank higher and gain more consumers. While many claim to be so-called SEO experts, few if any, possess the capabilities of even a boutique company like Caymana Consulting.

Reaching the top spot on the search engine will not only just improve your company’s visibility, but will help establish you as an industry authority, and provide you the type of ROI you truly want to see. While most of those companies marketing online have converted to some form of SEO, many still wonder why they still aren’t ranking near the top yet. While many claim companies claim to offer SEO similar to Caymana Consulting, the truth is many are making a number of common mistakes. And your website may be suffering as a result. Even at Caymana Consulting, the marketing team must always consider these few common mistakes.

  • You Haven’t Been Patient Enough

With SEO, like anything as a business owner, patience is important. Marketers at Caymana Consulting are known to get amazingly quick and efficient results, yet even those take a long time to propagate. SEO isn’t an overnight thing. It takes a process, and it takes time to research, create and put to practice a strategy and to see it produce. Then even after you have done your job in terms of SEO, it takes time for Google to even realize and refresh the results of such changes. For most SEO takes 6 month to as long as 12-18 months to see results with, but it’s a must to keep up with the competition.

  • Keywords May Not Be What You Think

Keywords are probably the most integral part of any SEO campaign or model. However, one issue many seem to run into is the fact that with certain keywords, Google may feel that those searching for it have a different reason for searching it. For instance, take the word “marketing”. As a marketing company like Caymana Consulting might want to rank with a word like marketing, Google may just feel that those searching for marketing, would prefer to learn ABOUT marketing, and what marketing means, as opposed to looking for companies to sell you marketing services. That’s where we must clarify and change the single word to a slightly longer phrase.

  • Looks Don’t Translate to Rank

Many assume that because their website looks the best and functions the best they will automatically get some rank, down the line. While you may be paying for a good-looking, modern site. Yet the developer who does everything with an eye for aesthetics may not be doing things to maximize search engine rank. The following things might also be holding you back:

o   Not enough, stale/old, or duplicate content

o   Poor navigation, and poor linkage

o   No blog, no meta/alt tags

And MUCH MORE! For more information on why your website isn’t ranking, and a custom view of your site and your ranking issues, contact SEO professionals like Caymana Consulting.